The Torrovap

About our Company

Torrovap Industries Inc. was founded in 1981 for the purpose of manufacturing Metal Vapor Synthesis equipment for organic and inorganic materials research. Since that time we have been involved in the Vacuum field along with it's related equipment and components. The company offers services in the area of general and high precision machining, mechanical design using Solidworks, prototyping, manufacturing for Research and Development and production.

The majority of our work is done in the 300 family of Stainless Steels. We also have a wide range of knowledge in the fabrication and welding of many of the more exotic materials, these can be seen in the services section.

The Torrovap

The Torrovap equipment, for which the company was named after, was a long term development project which began at the University of Toronto. The equipment was designed, developed and built to provide chemists a means by which to accurately perform their experiments in a controllable environment. In the early 1980's there seemed to be a flurry of activity in the associated research industry which soon died off. There now seems to be a renewed interest in this Nano Research.

Torrovap Component Dual Electron Gun 3D Camera in Action