Custom Design

Custom Design

Torrovap has a wide customer base. From Semiconductor research to Nuclear research, from the Film industry to Telecommunication Satellite components. We strive to satisfy our customers and their needs.

With some of our customers we have been involved from the planning and development stages right through to the final product. We take great pride in being able to work closely with our customers and to be able to work through some of the most complex design and manufacturing challenges. Torrovap has been instrumental in component design and manufacture thereby aiding customers to successfully achieve their goals.

Custom Manipulator Arm Custom Vacuum Accessories Custom Camera Equipment


Torrovap is able to work from verbal description, written description, hand sketches and customer supplied drawings. We convert these descriptions and sketches to proper drawings for clarification and to aid in the fabrication process.

Process Evaluation and Development

“Thinking outside the box” is one of our motto's, as we believe there is no such thing as impossible it merely requires a different thought process to successfully manufacture an otherwise seemingly difficult product. We tackle projects which many other manufacturers shy away from which is what has given us the insight to unique manufacturing techniques.

Production Process

We try to accommodate all of our customers needs and we believe “time is of the essence” when it comes to project completion. Many other manufacturers are required to go through a lengthy process of taking the customers ideas or sketches and developing a formal design which typically takes a long time. We cater to the customer in the sense we bring the concept or idea to the manufacturing stage in a much shorter time frame than the average manufacturer as well as design modifications and revisions where needed.

Cost Minimization Efforts and In House Stock

Specific manufacturing processes are evaluated and determined in advance prior to commencement of manufacturing to select the most cost effective means for the customer.

We carry a large material inventory to accelerate time to manufacturing. When material is not in stock we typically go to several material suppliers for quotations to help minimize costs to the customer.