Industries We Currently Work with

This list represents just some of our background relationships with associated research and industry fields we have been involved with over the past 35 years.


The Torrovap Instrument was designed and built for chemistry research and represents 2 years of product development and refinement. There are over 600 components manufactured by us that goes into the building of each instrument. Built specifically for new materials research we believe this instrument was used in the development of the stealth coating. This instrument has a wide range of research related applications.


There are numerous applications for which specialized equipment has been required in this field all of which require high precision machining capabilities.

Each of the above have offered a number of challenges with stringent product requirement in both design and manufacturing. Many factors play a role in each of these fields for product requirements and we continually meet those challenges successfully.


Most of our work for physics has involved vacuum chambers and accessories.

Medical and Microbiology

The development of a modular microscope was for application in the medical field with the intention of using the instrument for remote portable sampling and microorganism detection. The instrument was realized to have far more applicable capabilities being a modular design.


We were involved with the development and building of the “Space Drum” that was used for research aboard the International Space Station.


Torrovap has built numerous getter beds and tritium detectors used in nuclear research along with vessels used in the production of I125 for cancer treatment.


Having been contracted we have built a fusion fueller assembly for the Tokamak fusion reactor to conduct research.