TIG Welding

Tungsten Inert Gas

TIG welding is part of our day to day operations in the building of vacuum chambers and pressure fittings. Careful preparation and control is maintained in joint fabrication for both. Welding for vacuum applications requires a thorough understanding of joint design and preparation requirements.

For vacuum related applications a process called Fusion welding is typically performed to minimize the possibility of inclusions within the weld. Where high strength in the joint is required, a filler rod may be incorporated into the weld. For vacuum service it is most desirable to have welds on the internal surfaces. Limiting factors to this are size constraints and assembly design whereby it may be virtually impossible to have the welds internal.

Special welding processes and techniques have been developed for the successful welding of various materials for vacuum application as well. Torrovap uses an inert atmosphere welding glove box for the welding of special materials which may be subject to atmospheric attack otherwise.

For pressure related applications, filler rod is typically used with all welds performed on the exterior and having full penetration of the weld.

Torrovap has a number of procedures and special techniques developed for the required application.

Joint Material Experience

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